Galvanic Bath Treatment

What is

Galvanic bath therapy is the oldest form of therapy based on electric current.
The use of galvanic current in remedial medicine can be in the form of simple electroplating (with electrodes), galvanic baths (hydro-electrolytic baths) or ionogalvanisation (introduction of medicinal substances using electric current). Since adverse effects may occur (hypotension, fainting, as well as skin lesions) treatment is only under medical advice.

How to apply?

Depending on the pathology and the purpose, the patient places the upper and/or lower limbs in water-filled tanks. The current is applied through carbon electrodes that are immersed in water. As it passes from one limb to the other, the stimulating current causes tissue polarization. Water becomes a mediating medium between the electrodes and the integument, the direct current (galvanic) having beneficial effects on the nervous system, locomotor system, cardiovascular system and dermatological conditions. In general, a series of ten 20-minute sessions twice a year is recommended.

What conditions does it treat?

The indications for electroplating are multiple:
– nervous system disorders: neuralgia and neuritis of sciatic, brachial plexus, trigeminal, intercostal, paresis, paralysis (of limbs, facial)
– locomotor disorders: rheumatic (myalgia, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis, epicondylitis, periarthritis, arthrosis, arthritis of various locations, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylopoietic spondylitis in periods of remission)
– diseases of the cardiovascular system: peripheral circulation disorders – obliterating arteriopathies (stages I-II), acrocyanosis, Raynaud’s disease.
– dermatological disorders: keloid scars, eczema.
In order to obtain the best results, it is frequently recommended to combine therapies that are harmoniously interwoven and complementary to galvanic baths, so that the patient benefits from a treatment that is specialised to his or her needs.


Galvanic baths have analgesic, sedative, vasomotor and muscle excitability stimulating effects.Enhances the effects of physical activity, improves muscle tone, skin appearance, contributes to the elimination of excess fluids
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